CS24 Chop Saw


The Go Fast CS24 Chop Saw sets the standard for all other chop saws, by being safe and simple to operate, built tough to quickly chop lumber, cants and even cross-ties. Available in single, 3 phase, jack shaft ready and even gasoline powered. This saw delivers quick accurate cuts every time.


  • Low cost of operation
  • Does not need a dust collector to operate
  • Easy and quick to adjust
  • Low maintenance
  • Multiple power options (220V, 440V, gas, lineshaft)
  • Comes complete ready to run


  • Length: 12’
  • Width: 5’
  • Height: 6’

  • Approx. 700 lbs
  • 24” blade standard
  • 5’ infeed, 7’ outfeed
  • Manual arm control

  • 7.5HP electric motor (230V or 440V 3-phase 60 Hz Standard)
  • - Completely pre wired motor starter with start/stop buttons and circuit overload protection

Power Options
  • 10HP electric motor (230V or 440V 3-phase 60 Hz Standard)
  • 13HP gas motor
  • Line shaft: Available without power set to run off line shaft

  • Capacities 8” X 10” Cant Size (standard)
  • Board length: Unlimited

  • Green Chain
  • Infeed deck
  • Off bearer belt
  • Air Actuator
  • Extra Stops
  • Powered rollers
  • Waste Removal Conveyor

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