2NX - Double Head Notcher Notcher


The new Go-Fast Double Head Notcher is a simple and heavy duty Notching machine. Quickly notch boards, recycled material, entire cants, and even un-notched pallets with the cogged chain infeed system. This notcher comes standard with variable infeed speed that is adjustable from 0 – 44 FPM with the turn of a knob.


  • Dual 20HP Motors
  • Adjustable Infeed Speed With the Turn of a Knob
  • Notches New and Recycled Material
  • Quickly Adjust Between Board Lengths With Turn of a Handle
  • Low Profile Design


  • Length: 125"
  • Width: 73"
  • Height: 56"
  • In-feed Height: 40"

  • 20HP: Cutter Head Motors
  • 1-1/2HP: Infeed Motor
  • VFD: For In-feed Motor Variable Speed
  • Completely pre wired motor starter with start/stop buttons and circuit overload protection

  • Cutter Heads: 12" Dia. x 9" Wide
  • Adjustable Cutter Head Position: Adjust Length of Cut With the Turn of a Handle
  • 2" Arbor and Bearings

  • Material Length:: 36" to 76" - Other Sizes Optional
  • Material Width: 8" - Standard
  • Material Height: 2-1/2" to 8" - Standard
  • Infeed Speed: 0 to 44 FPM

Machine Options
  • Automatic Inline In-feed: Coming Soon
  • Waste Conveyors
  • Capacity Options

System Add-On Options
  • In-feed Chain Conveyor
  • Out-feed Chain Conveyor
  • In-feed Belt Conveyor
  • Out-feed Belt Conveyor
  • Stacking Racks
  • Sorting Table

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