FWT-20 Slab/Firewood Trim Saw Firewood Processor


Introducing the NEW Go Fast Manufacturing Slab/Firewood trim saw. Do you need to get rid of piles of wasted slabs? Now you can! Turn your waste wood and unusable slabs into valuable firewood quickly and easily. The Go Fast FWT-20 is built to be a heavy duty, safe, and a high production machine. These multi-head saws are custom built to your needs. CALL TO INQUIRE TODAY!


  • A Safe Way to Process Slabs Into Firewood
  • Quick and Simple Operation
  • Custom Built to Your Specifications!


  • Width: 100" - Standard
  • Length: 88" - Standard
  • Height : 64" - Standard
  • Infeed Chain Height: 34" - Standard

  • Blade Motors: 5HP - Standard
  • In-feed Chains: 1HP
  • Take-Away Conveyor: 1/2HP
  • VFD: For In-feed Motor Variable Speed
  • Completely pre wired motor starter with start/stop buttons and circuit overload protection

  • Material Width: 1/2" to 8" Standard - Wider Optional
  • Material Length: Per Customer Specification
  • Material Height: 4" - Standard

  • 20" Carbide Blades
  • 1-1/4" Arbors and Bearings
  • Number of Blade Heads: Per Customer Specification

Machine Options
  • Waste Conveyor
  • Adjustable In-feed Chain Height
  • -

System Add-On Options
  • Firewood Wrappers
  • In-feed Chain Conveyor
  • Out-feed Chain Conveyor
  • In-feed Belt Conveyor
  • Out-feed Belt Conveyor
  • Stacking Racks
  • Waste Conveyor
  • Incline Conveyor

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