Go Fast Manufacturing, LLC offers a complete line of sawmill and pallet equipment that feature simple and sturdy designs that are proven throughout North America. Sawmills seeking increased production and a the ability to offer specialty products will find it with the Go Fast line of low profile resaws. These thin kerf resaws produce grade lumber with the Go Fast Grade Resaw Run-Around System and even fence boards, lap siding and shingles. Pallet manufacturers need simple, sturdy and low cost machinery. For the Pallet Industry Go Fast offers several models of DeDuster, Single and Multi-Head resaws, Double End Trimmers, Chop Saws, Corner Notchers and more, plus we have the experience and ability to build custom machines for specific applications. If you don’t see what you need, call us at 800-854-7439 today!

2NX - Double Head Notcher

The new Go-Fast Double Head Notcher is a simple and heavy duty Notching machine. Quickly notch boards, recycled material, entire cants, and even un-notched pallets with the cogged chain infeed system. This notcher comes standard with variable infeed speed that is adjustable from 0 – 44 FPM with the turn of a knob.

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NXL Notcher

The NXL Single Head Notcher is a compact, heavy duty, and safe machine for cutting notches into a variety of materials. With a strong 20HP motor and a simple pneumatic system, notching has never been easier. Extra hand guarding and a stationary control station help make this machine a safer addition to any operation.

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Twin Corner Notcher System

The New Twin Corner Notcher from Go Fast Manufacturing, is a must have for custom pallet builders. Quickly and accurately make two notches that allows vertical stakes for stacking, strengthens custom shipping boxes and many other custom pallet requirements. If you build custom pallets, this machine will save you time and make you money by adding another unique service you can provide. The Twin Corner Notcher is fast, easy to operate and can be designed to fit your customer’s needs. For more information use the email form attached.

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