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Go Fast Mfg 3 Head Resaw

$15,500 3 Head Resaw system on common frame. 20 HP motors on each head. New belts and guides. Resaws were just serviced by the factory and are currently running.
Equipment Location:Shiocton, WI

2015 Go Fast Mfg 6 x 8 Master Resaw (Gas)

$10,500 Very gently used 6 x 8 gas powered resaw. Unit is in new condition and ready for work.
Equipment Location:Williburg, KY

2018 Go Fast Mfg TS10

Call for Price The Go Fast TS10 Trim Saw is a heavy duty and compact machine, perfect for trimming boards to size. The easy to use moveable length stops are quick to adjust and allow for multiple, simultaneous board sizes. SIMPLE, SAFE AND STURDY: The easy stop system makes it SIMPLE for the operator to cut boards to length. The operator can SAFELY cut boards without ever having to stand on the blade side of the machine or have their hands near rotating shafts and sprockets. STURDY is one thing Go Fast had in mind when making the TS10 Trimmers. Weighing approximately 1,600 LBS with 3X3 tubular framing, you can bet that these saws will be around for the long run!
Equipment Location:Shiocton, WI

2019 Go Fast Mfg NXL

Call for Price The Go Fast NXL Single Head Notcher is a compact, heavy duty, and SAFE machine for your notching needs. Notch new or recycled material or even 6” wide cants. A dual hand control check valve requires that the operator has both hands on the push buttons while the table is moving through the cutter. The cutter head is well guarded and never exposed to the operator. In addition to a front clamp, a top clamp is included to help hold the material down while it is being notched. Unfortunately many other notchers do not include this feature which results in you replacing more cutter tips and spending more money.
Equipment Location:Shiocton, WI

Timberland Machinery 2 Head

$20,000 Timberland 2 Head Notcher -Runs daily
Equipment Location:Shiocton, WI

2018 Go Fast Mfg DD79

Call for Price The Go Fast Deduster is the solution to sawdust left on boards. Material can be fed by hand or from an inline process into the machines hopper. An adjustable gate allows the rubber feed belt to pull the bottom board forward to the feed wheel and through the top and bottom rotating brushes. THE DIFFERENCE: There are several features that set the Go Fast DeDuster apart from the rest, and it all starts with the brush! Our side sweeping disc brushes sweep sideways, providing cleaner boards than traditional drum brushes. They also do not require an air collection. BOARD KNOCKER: Our famous board knocker system helps meter the boards through the machine one at a time. It breaks frozen and sticky boards apart and prevents 99% of jams!
Equipment Location:Shiocton, WI

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