DD-103 Deduster


The Go Fast DeDuster is the answer to sawdust left on boards. Material can be fed by hand or from an inline process into the machines hopper. An adjustable gate allows the rubber feed belt to pull the bottom board forward to the feed wheel and through the top and bottom rotating brushes. The two rotating stainless steel brushes sweep residual sawdust to the side, efficiently and effectively removing residuals. The boards exit through a set of pinch rollers which pull the board out of the machine. As the boards clear the gate, the next board drops and repeats the process. An optional board knocker throws the stack backwards breaking frozen or stuck boards apart.


  • Low cost of operation
  • Does not need a dust collector to operate
  • Easy and quick to adjust for different height materials (boards or stringers)
  • Board knocker nearly eliminates stalls
  • Low maintenance
  • Multiple power options (220V, 440V, gas, lineshaft


  • Length: 103"
  • Width: 34"
  • Height: 58"
  • Feed Belt Height: 27" - 36"
  • Exit Pinch Roller Height: 34"

  • 5HP electric motor (230V or 440V 3-phase 60 Hz Standard) (220V single phase optional)
  • Completely pre wired motor starter with start/stop buttons and circuit overload protection
  • Line shaft: Available without power set to run off line shaft

  • 8 gal reservoir capacity
  • Self contained 5 gpm system with variable 0- 600 feet per minute feed speed
  • 1200 rpm brush motors

  • Board width: 2" -6-1/4" (wider optional)
  • Board thickness: 3/8" - 3" (4" available)
  • Board length: 18" minimum

  • Board Knocker
  • Tailing Belt
  • Green Chain
  • Powered In-feed Rollers

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