FW-16 Firewood Wrapper


The Go Fast Firewood Wrapper is the only industrial duty firewood wrapper available on the market today. This machine can wrap a bundle in under 12 seconds, making it the perfect solution for banding firewood bundles. The wrap is tensioned by a standard nut that ensures tight bundles and maximum wrap usage.


  • WHY GO FAST: Our firewood wrappers are simply better by design and unlike other manufacturers, we use high speed farm duty motors along with lubed bathed gear boxes. This allows us to get a higher amount of torque from our energy efficient 1/3 HP motor. These components have proven themselves to outlast the light-duty, low speed motors that are commonly found on other firewood wrappers.
  • HEAVY DUTY: Go Fast produces only heavy duty equipment, and our Firewood Wrapper is no exception. These low-cost wrappers are built on solid tubular frames with large bearings and shaft on the wrapper arm.


  • Length: 24"
  • Width: 24"
  • Height: 33-1/2"

  • 1/3 HP 120V
  • 60:1 HD Grove Reducer

  • 10" Wide Bundle
  • 10" - 24" Long Bundle
  • 10" Tall Bundle

  • Wrap Cycle: Approx. 12 Seconds
  • Wrap: Includes (1) 12" Wrap Tube

Machine Options
  • 6" - 16" Length of Wrap Tube
  • Can Modify for Other Bundle Sizes
  • Faster or Slower Wrap Speed

System Add-On Options
  • Firewood Processor: Chopsaw
  • Firewood Processor: Firewood Trim Saw

Bundles Per Roll
  • 10" x 10" Basket (Standard):
  • Estimated Wraps Per 1500' Roll: 450 Wraps = 150 Bundles
  • Estimated Wraps Per 2000' Roll: 600 Wraps = 200 Bundles
  • 12" x 12" Basket (Optional):
  • Estimated Wraps Per 1500' Roll: 375 Wraps = 125 Bundles
  • Estimated Wraps Per 2000" Roll: 500 Wraps = 170 Bundles

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