FWT-20 Slab/Firewood Trim Saw Firewood Processor


Turn your waste slabs into cash! The Go Fast Slab Trim Saw is designed to trim pallet cut stock slabs into firewood. A compact, safe, and fast way to get money back out of your waste! This saw can quickly cut each slab into 3 or more pieces of firewood. Similar to our multi-head trim saws, these saws have the capacity to cut 45 slab pieces or 135 firewood pieces per minute.


  • A Safe Way to Process Slabs Into Firewood
  • Quick and Simple Operation
  • Custom Built to Your Specifications!
  • Anti-Kick Back Fingers
  • Outfeed Catch Conveyor Included


  • Length: 88"
  • Width: 100"
  • Height: 64"
  • Infeed Chain Height: 34"

  • Blade Motors: 5HP 208/230/480/3/60 TEFC
  • Infeed Chains: 1HP 208/230/480/3/60 TEFC
  • Take-Away Conveyor: 1/2HP 208/230/480/3/60 TEFC
  • VFD: For Infeed Motor Variable Speed
  • Completely Pre-Wired Motor Starter with Start/Stop Buttons and Circuit Overload Protection

  • 20" Carbide Blades
  • 1-1/4" Arbors and Bearings
  • Number of Blade Heads: Per Customer Specification

  • Material Width: 1/2" - 8"
  • Material Length: Per Customer Specification
  • Material Height: 4"

Machine Options
  • Waste Conveyor
  • Adjustable Infeed Chain Height

System Options
  • Firewood Wrapper
  • Infeed Chain Conveyor
  • Outfeed Chain Conveyor
  • Infeed Belt Conveyor
  • Outfeed Belt Conveyor
  • Stacking Rack
  • Waste Conveyor

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