Model-H Pallet Stacker Pallet Stacker


Make perfect stacks of pallets ready to ship. The Go Fast Pallet Stacker is accurate and easy to operate. A simple chain infeed system allows the operator quickly insert the pallets with minimal effort. The air powered lift station ensures that your pallets lift smoothly and stack straight.The Model H pallet stacker features air and electric operation in a fixed design. These machines offer a smaller footprint than many other available pallet stackers. They are available with single or multiple pallet stacking bays.


  • Available with Single or Multiple Stacking Bays
  • Fully Automatic Stacking Operation
  • Programmable Counters for Stack Quantities
  • Heavy Duty Air-Lift Station


  • Length: 60" - Standard
  • Width: 86" - Standard
  • Height: 180" -
  • Loading Height: 28"

  • Infeed Chains: 1/2HP
  • Push-Off Chains: 1/2HP
  • Lift Station: Air Powered

  • Specific per Build

  • Specific per Build

Machine Options
  • Outfeed Dead Rolls
  • In-feed Green Chains

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