NXL Single Head Notcher


The Go Fast NXL Single Head Notcher is a compact, heavy duty, and safe machine for your notching needs. Notch new or recycled material or even 6" wide cants. Need a notcher that was actually built for recycled material? With a 3/8" thick steel framing and a 3/8" thick steel table top, the NXL Notcher will hold-up against the toughest of jobs!


  • NEW - Sliding Hand Guard, Keeps Cutter Head Enclosed in Shrowd During Loading Periods
  • SAFE: A dual hand control check valve requires that the operator has both hands on the push buttons while the table is moving through the cutter. The cutter head is well guarded and never exposed to the operator.
  • DOUBLE CLAMP: In addition to a front clamp, a top clamp is included to help hold the mateial down while it is being notched. Unfortunately many other notchers do not include this feature which results in you replacing more cutter tips and spending more money.
  • Simple Pneumatic Controls
  • Adjustable Air Pressure System
  • Table Moves with Dual Air Rams and Linear Bearings


  • Length: 60"
  • Width: 90"
  • Height: 50"
  • Table Height: 37"

  • 20HP Electric Motor 208/230/480/3/60 TEFC
  • Completely Pre-Wired Motor Starter with Start/Stop Buttons and Circuit Overload Protection

  • Arbors and Bearings: 2"
  • Table Linear Bearings : 1-1/4"
  • Clamp Linear Bearings: 1"
  • 3/8" Thick Steel Table Top
  • 3/8" Thick Steel Framing
  • 8" Dust Ports: 5,000 CFM Recommended

Air System
  • Operating Pressure: 100 PSI, 20CFM
  • Air Cylinder Bore: 2" (x4 Cylinders)
  • Air System Includes: Dual Hand Safety Controls, Lockout Valve, Regulator, Pressure Relief, Reservoir, Table Speed Controllers, and Mechanical Valves

  • Material Length: Up To 60" (Standard)
  • Material Width: Up To 6"
  • Material Height: 4" (Standard)
  • Standard Notch: Up To 9" Wide
  • Adjustable Notch: Up To 2-1/2" Tall

  • Cutter Teeth for Recycled Material
  • Longer and Taller Capacities
  • Different Notch Widths
  • Stand Alone Control Station
  • Stringer Stacking Rack
  • Caster Feet

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