Go Fast Mfg Introduces the Fast, Strong, Accurate, & Fast Adjusting DET-72 Double End Trimsaw

Go Fast Mfg, Inc.

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Shiocton, WI – Every pallet pre-cut operation requires accurate end trimming of a wide range of lengths and thicknesses. So Go Fast, the pallet industry’s most innovative machinery manufacturer, created a fast acting, adjustable head system that can process standard thicknesses up to 3 ½” and lengths up to 72” with longer lengths available upon request.

This exciting new machine was designed to provide durability and long-life at a price point that allows small operations and large custom crate manufacturers to replace their slow manual chop saws with a highly productive double end trimmer. Accuracy is enhanced by utilizing laser guide lights that move with the saws, lowering setup times. The DET-72’s standard 20” carbide saw blades and 5 HP electric motors (7.5 to 10 HP are available options) provide the power and flexibility needed to cut it all, from pallet deck boards and stringers to cants right off the scragg. The DET-72’s simple hand crank length adjustment system makes changing lengths fast, easy and accurate.

Like every machine from Go Fast, the DET-72 went through months of exhaustive testing under real-world pallet production, insuring that every Go Fast product improvement fits the company’s mission statement of improving production and profit, while continuing to keep designs simple and equipment costs low.