At Go Fast Manufacturing keeping you in production is our main priority. So we keep all major wear and repair parts in stock for fast shipment. From sawguides to deduster brushes to bearings, shafts and motors we got your back.

Bearings, Belts & Machine Wear Parts - All Standard Go Fast belts, bearings, bushings, sprockets, lovejoys, hydraulic components and standard hardware are kept in stock at all times.

Board Knocker Retrofit & Replacement Kit - Some older models of Go Fast DeDusters did not include our unique board knocker system. Now you can quickly and easily retrofit all models of Go Fast DeDuster.

DeDuster Replacement Brushes - Keep your DeDuster operating at peak performance with genuine Go Fast replacement brushes. All brushes are always in stock and ready to ship TODAY!

Saw Guides - Go Fast resaws offer three choices of saw guide systems, Aluminum, Brass & Composite Guide Blocks. All guide wear parts and complete assemblies are always in stock and ready to ship TODAY!

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