Go Fast Manufacturing, LLC offers a complete line of sawmill and pallet equipment that feature simple and sturdy designs that are proven throughout North America. Sawmills seeking increased production and a the ability to offer specialty products will find it with the Go Fast line of low profile resaws. These thin kerf resaws produce grade lumber with the Go Fast Grade Resaw Run-Around System and even fence boards, lap siding and shingles. Pallet manufacturers need simple, sturdy and low cost machinery. For the Pallet Industry Go Fast offers several models of DeDuster, Single and Multi-Head resaws, Double End Trimmers, Chop Saws, Corner Notchers and more, plus we have the experience and ability to build custom machines for specific applications. If you don’t see what you need, call us at 800-854-7439 today!


The Go Fast TS10 Trim Saw is a heavy duty and compact machine, perfect for trimming boards or cants to size. The easy to use moveable length stops are quick to adjust and allow for multiple, simultaneous board sizes. The easy stop system makes it simple for the operator to cut boards to length. The operator can safely cut boards without ever having to stand on the blade side of the machine or have their hands near rotating shafts and sprockets. Sturdy is the one thing Go Fast had in mind when making the TS10 Trimmers. Weighing approximately 1,600 lbs with 3 X 3 tubular framing, you can bet that these saws will be around for the long run!

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MET-20 Multi-Head Trim Saw

The Go Fast MET-20 is a high production, multi-head trim saw designed to boost your production into the fast lane! Available with up to (8) 20" circle saw blades with 5HP blade motors.

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The Go Fast Double-End Trim Saw is a fast action, adjustable head system that can process up to 4-1/2" tall material. This machines sturdy construction, quick cycle time, and simplicity will add to any operation. Our standard DET-20 is perfect for cutting boards and lumber. Cutting something bigger? Ask about our cant package. With a 10HP blade motor upgrade and the addition of HD chain coggs, these trimmers are the perfect saw for any job.

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