Rollcase & Lift Table

When you need a cost-effective solution to streamline your wood processing operations, look no further than the RCL Rollcase and Lift Table. Designed with simplicity and productivity in mind, the RCL works well in a wide range of businesses. The RCL combines a sturdy lift table with gravity rollers, allowing operators to advance wood bundles manually. With 120” long rollers, you can stage up to two bundles before the lift table, ensuring a continuous flow of materials. Offering an affordable alternative to automating your wood handling process, the RCL helps optimize costs without compromising quality.

Standard Features

  • Chain Strands for Advancement of Bundles to a Lift Table
  • HD Gear Drive
  • 2060P Deck Chain
  • 24” X 48” Platform(s)
  • 2500 LB Lift Capacity
  • 36” Lift Travel
  • Foot Pedal Controls

Machine Specs

  • Dimensions
  • Length: 120"
  • Width: 50"
  • Height: 12"

  • Power
  • Lift Table Motor: 2 HP Electric Motor 460/60/3 TEFC

  • Specifications
  • 1.9" Roller Diameters with a 7/16 Hex Axle
  • Rollers set at 4" Center Spacing


  • Machine Options
  • Extension Kits
  • Custom Sizes
  • Single Phase Power

Our RCL Rollcase & Lift Table can be Customized!